Reported Speech 教學及用法

當你要把人家的說話,複述出來時, 就是reported speech了.
(中文例)小明說: “今日我沒有上學.”
Reported speech 裏, 開關引號不見了, 而「我」會變成「他」。


當句子由direct 改成reported speech 時, 要作出以下改變.
Present tense =〉 past tense
Past tense =〉past perfect
Present perfect =〉 past perfect
Present Continuous =〉past continuous
Past continuous =〉past perfect continuous
will =〉 would
can =〉 could


例: (第一句direct speech, 第二句reported speech)
John said, “I am very tired.”
John said that he was tired.


複述他人的句子時, 多數會用到that 來連接.
Joey said, “I was a doctor before changing careers.”
Joey said that she had been a doctor before changing careers.


The coach said, “Be quiet!”
The coach told us to be quiet.


Ken asked, “What color is your new phone?”
Ken asked what color my new phone was.


當改成reported speech 時, is(was) 既位置由名詞前面改成名詞後面【問題變成子句了】
有what/which/who/where 等連接詞時就不需要加that 來連接.
Franky asked, “Can you dance?”
Franky asked me if(whether) I could dance.
當問題係yes/no question 時, 就會用到if(whether)



now=〉then /at that time
today=〉that day
yesterday=〉the day before
last night=〉the night before
last week =〉the week before
a year ago=〉a year before
tomorrow=〉the next day /the following day
the day after tomorrow=〉2 days after
next week =〉the week after


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