such as 用法詳解




一、such as 的用法

1. 它意為「像…之類;例如」(like; for example),舉例:
Many countries in Europe, such as Spain and Italy, use Euros. (歐洲有許多國家,如西班牙和意大利,都用歐元)
Animals such as rabbits and deer continue to be active in winter,finding food wherever. (像兔和鹿這樣的動物整個冬天都是很活躍的,它們到處尋找食物。)
i.  such as 後不可列出前面所提過的所有東西。如:
正:I speak four languages, such as English and Mandarin. 我懂四種語言,如日語、英語。
錯:I speak four languages, such as English, Mandarin, Cantonese and Japanese. 我懂四種語言,如漢語、法語、日語和英語。


ii. such as可與etc. 連用。如:
They planted many flowers, such as roses, sunflowers,etc. 他們種了許多種花,如玫瑰花、向日葵等。


2. such …(名詞)as 表示“像……這樣的”,其中的as 用作關係代詞,引導子句,as 在子句中用作主語或賓語。
He is not such a fool as he looks. 他並不像他看起來那麼傻。
Take such (things) as you need. 你需要什麼就拿什麼。
You may choose such (things) as you prefer. 你可挑選自己想要的東西。


3. 有時such as 整個用作關係代詞,用以引導子句。可寫成which,如:
We hoped to give you a chance such as (which) nobody else ever had. 
Then I left it,feeling a weight at my heart such as (which)I had never had before. 


4. 用於such…(名詞)as to do sth,表示結果。例:
It was such a loud voice as to wake everybody up in the house. 
You shouldn’t offer such a high price as to frighten our customers off. 


5. 用於not such as to …. ,表示「未致於」。:
Her sickness is not such as to cause distress. 她的病未致於造成憂鬱。
The pain in her leg is not such as to stop her walking. 她腳疼,但還未至於不能行走。


6. 用於such as it is  表示讓步口吻,意思是“儘管不怎麼看好”“儘管不一定正確”
The food, such as it is, is abundant. 食物不是太好,但夠多。
You may use my bicycle, such as it is. 雖然我的自行車不好,你就用著吧。


二、such as 與其他相似結構

1. such…as 與 such…that
such … as 前者用於引導定語子句(defining clause),such … that  後者用於引導結果狀語子句。如:
I’ve never heard such story as he told. 我從未聽過他講的那種故事。(定語)
It was such a cold day that there was nobody on the street. 天氣很冷,街上沒有一個人。(狀語)
He was such a great teacher as we all respected. 他是一位我們都尊敬的好老師。(定語)
He was such a great teacher that we all respected him. 他是那樣一位好老師,以致于我們大家都尊敬他。(狀語)
2. such as與 as such
such as 和as such兩個片語有點像,但意思卻不同。


A) and as such
as such的第一個意思大概是「以此身份」、「因其身份」,前面加個and,用來代替其前所提過的名詞,以避免重複。舉例
1. I’m an English teacher, and because I’m an English teacher I am sensitive to see grammar mistakes. 變成
2. I’m an English teacher, and as such I am sensitive to see grammar mistakes.
He’s a renowned actor, and as such he has made a lot of money.
The film was a comedy(喜劇), and as such it had the usual happy ending.


B) as such, but
的第二個意思是「就其真正的意義來說」,後面加個, but。例如:
The shop doesn’t sell books as such, but it does sell comics. (就書的真正意義來說,這家店沒有賣書,但有賣漫畫) –漫畫跟書相似,但它們不是真正的書。
He isn’t a Hong Konger as such, but he has spent most of his life here. (就香港人的真正意義而言,他不是香港人,但他的大半生都在香港度過)


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